or Air


A question? Air or what? What is not air? A reference to a possible medium by which sound might be transmitted, in which music could be created.



The medium of simulated sound is only secondarily (contingently) air. Is there a proper medium? Do you need a medium? Is the medium numbers? Electricity? bits?, logic? All or none of the above? Like a good consumer, we can say we don’t care how they do it since it’s only the music we’re interested in. Actually this is not really a bad attitude. It works. Some people just want to paint pictures, others cant stop until they understand how light and color and geometry work.

e.g. graphics and flows
How far do we get if we only try to simulate the appearance of things?
Is the image of fluid flow separable from its physics ? Is a wave something abstract, or do we need to look at real waves in real (incert a medium here air, water, plasma, electro-magnetic fields)

How much are sine waves like waves?
Maybe we've settled for sine waves long enough!



...more was expected but not eagerly