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Codes of Behavior The American Manual Alphabet Personal Codes Binary Code (N+3) Mod 24: Caesar's code to confuse the Gauls Codes for protecting property Convenience Codes Messages from Control Once only code The Enigma Code Code as disorder arising out of perfect order Is this apparently innocent sentence a code? Fire Flies The Language of the Dolphins Codes which have no key Codes which are never broken Rose, rose, the rosy fingered moon Greek to me. False Codes Code as reason contradicting itself Messages from Above Codes which are read but no longer written Codes which make no sense to unbelievers Romanji Codes passed on without being understood Codes you can't break without knowing how Codes which you break without knowing how Codes which read two ways Codes you can eat DNA Codes which can be read but not written Self-reproducing codes Markup Languages Codes used to translate another code Rose shaped codes Codes which don't need to be broken Code compression Coding versus shuffling the deck Codes which say what you think