Spawned in the first generation of computer music hackers in San Francisco’s silicon valley, Joel Ryan is a composer who has long championed the idea of performance-based electronic music. Drawing on his scientific background, he pioneered the application of digital signal processing to acoustic instruments. At STEIM in Amsterdam since 1984, he has collaborated extensively with artists and musicians including Evan Parker, William Forsyth, George Lewis, Steina Vasulka and Jerry Hunt. Formerly a Research Associate in physics at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories of the University of California, he has taught philosophy, physics, and mathematics. He is a researcher at STEIM in Amsterdam, tours with the Frankfurt Ballet and is Docent in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He has performed at the Theater Chatelet in Paris, the Concertgebau Amsterdam, the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Kitchen in New York. Recent work includes a series of duets with Evan Parker,Frances Marie Uitti and Joelle Leandre, EIDOS/TELOS, with William Forsyth and Roberto Zucco with the Royal Shakespear Company. Other works include Or Air, The Number Readers, Hat Moon Joy, and The Effect of Noise on the Sleep of Children. MMVI

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